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Exhibition 2010 Catalog

This is the futureplaces Exhibition Catalog, a wiki-experiment in real time. Exhibition participants will be feeding info and images onto their own pages.

The futureplaces exhibition is the result of an international call to artists and digital media creatives to reflect on the Festival subject of Digital Media and Local Cultures. Many approaches to the subject resulted, in an incredibly varied uses of digital and analogue technology.

Over one hundred submissions were reviewed by an international jury panel of experts: the eight pieces presented are the result of this selection process.

The exhibition takes place between October 14 and 16 2010, at Maus Hábitos (Rua Passos Manuel 178 - 4º, Porto, Portugal). Performances will take place Oct 14, from 7pm onwards.

Check http://futureplaces.org for details of the futureplaces Digital Media Festival: events, venues, coverage.

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