RTiVISS [Real-Time Video Interactive Systems for Sustainability] Interactive installation

Mónica Mendes

RTiVISS is a research project proposing innovative ways of using and conceptualizing real-time video in artistic contexts, simultaneously contributing to help forest protection through community creation and engagement. Assuming a surveillance metaphor, can we conceive a project that is both artistic and functional?

The interactive installation “tree ellucinations” is a RTiVISS experience that triggers perceptual reactions by empowering users to influence the environment through active participation. The prototype potencially spreads a seed for future forests networked systems – ultimately, a grassroots movement to positively impact local groups & work with institutions… leading the shift to an enjoyable world!

[GMT+0 | lat 40°42'0”, lon 7°18'0”] Maçal do Chão, a village near Serra da Estrela, is a Northern interior natural protected region in Portugal, where forest fires have dramatically devastated its unique shades of green – a decreasing trend in recent years due to reforestation local projects and maintenance cleaning works, as is the case of the monitored places Quintas das Mestras, Bocas, and Santo André. In Portugal, Future Places may include the romantic world natural heritage Sintra, and Serralves Park, a priviliged landscape in the courtyards of Porto’s cultural icon | Worldwide, RTiVISS implementation target critical “lungs of the world” as Amazónia/Brasil [GMT-6], California [GMT-8], Indonesia [GMT+6], Angola [GMT+1], India [GMT+41/2], Australia [GMT+10]. RTiVISS requires iterative development processes of articulated working prototypes in several stages as part of an ongoing PhD research – with Nuno Correia and Sílvia Chicó as advisors – in Digital Media in the framework of the UT Austin-Portugal Program funded by FCT.

Research, concept and design: Mónica Mendes

Arts | Time | Space | Social Responsibility | Forest Protection | Local cultures | Communities | Networks | Future Places | Usability | visual phenomena | Electronic visual hallucinations | Perception psychology | Caleidoscope effects | Cinetics | Optical illusions ||

Special thanks Alexandre da Silva, altLab, Catarina Mota, CIEAM, Fernando Mendes, Maria de Lourdes Mendes, Moisés Coelho, Ricardo Costa, Rossana Santos, Rui Nóbrega, Susana Gateira, Tiago Henriques || Support: Uniquepoufs || Music: Ricardo Webbens, Polarwww.rtiviss.com

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